Lilith Academy

Empowering minds and spirits in Tennessee for over 100 years

Our Mission

Lilith Academy believes that all children deserve the best education possible, and we strive to empower youth to reach their academic and spiritual potential so they may find success and omnipotence in life and the afterlife.

Meet some of our faculty

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Todd Henderson


Todd is a graduate of the Salem College of Fine Dark Arts and has spent years studying the intersection of theatre and witchcraft. He specializes in the use of spells to convince the audience that they enjoyed high school performances, and leading on-stage conjuring of evil spirits for set management and to prevent the forgetting of lines.

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Being 7,000 years old and predating surnames, Tori has plenty of experience with all kinds of math from the earliest primitive forms to modern concepts used in quantum computers. Tori is also an expert in mind control, so all students will ace any standardized math tests.

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Coach Caston


Coach has led our Soul Rugby team to victory at state championships 3 times and has never permanently lost a student's soul! Coach also teaches human sexuality and metallurgy which are always student favorites.


Lilith Academy offers a range of athletics for any skill level, including Bowling, Tai Chi, Reanimation, Soul Rugby, Telekinetic Chess, Possession, and Paper Football. We have won state 3 times for Soul Rugby and have yet to permanently lose a student’s soul during game play.

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Who we are

We at Lilith offer a culture of encouragement and empowerment. We hold to traditional values (Talmud, Exodus 21:22-25, etc) that life begins at birth so students are taught spells to end pregnancies if desired because every human has agency over their own body. Our spiritual beliefs embrace all genders, and we support every student's development as an individual.

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate those for whom firearms are their personality. Our students learn spells to protect themselves, and our school is under demonic protection so school safety is not a concern. However, guns are not a personality and such persons are exhausting to be around.

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We believe that money should not prevent a family from offering their children excellent education, and thanks to Governor Lee’s school voucher for private and religious schools we are able to help even more children reach their full potential academically and supernaturally. Contact us to find out more!

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